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The Festival Food Company during BrixFest 2016Passerby during BrixFest 2016BrixFest compère Harry introducing Mitch to open BrixFest 2016Mitch Tonks opens BrixFest 2016Brixham Town Band, the opening act for BrixFest 2016Opening act of BrixFest 2016, The Brixham Town BandBrixham Town Band - the opening act for BrixFest 2016Brixham Town Band - the opening act for BrixFest 2016Everyone was welcome for BrixFest 2016Enjoying the band during BrixFest 2016Brixham Town Band during BrixFest 2016Everyone welcome during BrixFest 2016Supporting the Quayside Hotel's Head Chef Andy Sewell during BrixFest 2016Jake Harrison from Food Is Fun, helping Andy Sewell during BrixFest 2016Quayside Hotel's Head Chef, Andy Sewell, during BrixFest 2016Even the cats wanted a in on the action at BrixFest 2016Mitch Tonks during the opening day of BrixFest 2016Quayside Hotel head chef Andy Sewell during BrixFest 2016Something for everyone at BrixFest 2016On duty at BrixFest 2016